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We know from experience that many French properties have been empty for a long time when they are finally purchased. Often signed for 'as is', new owners can frequently find themselves inheriting decades worth of unwanted items, rubbish and furniture in their new homes.


Similarly you may have purchased an empty property but taken on a long forgotten plot of land not quite suitable for your rural French garden or the area designated for the potager of your dreams is an overgrown tangled mess of weeds, brambles and long forgotten rabbit hutches!











Occasionally owners of French properties will sell up to move on elsewhere and not have the want, budget or need to move all of their furniture and items with them, yet not wanting to burden new owners with their unwanted items!


In all of these cases we can assist with a property clearance service. Charged as a one-off agreed fee, we will take on the removal and disposal of furniture and unwanted items in your property, outbuildings or land giving you a blank, fresh canvas for yourselves or the new owners. If we find any items of value or unusual interest we also have great contacts in the brocante world who may be willing to pay good prices for your unwanted items!


It may also be the case that, for whatever reason, that part way through a renovation you have decided it cannot be completed and you have either returned to the UK or moved on elsewhere. In which case you may be left with a partly renovated property to try to sell on. Sometimes such properties have literally been left as they were on the last day of works- with piles of materials, tools and partially completed work- not always appealing to a prospective buyer! In this case we offer a service whereby we will carry out remedial works to the property to tidy up, remove waste and make it as appealing as possible in its current state to potential purchasers.


If you are selling a property in France which you have left vacant awaiting it to be sold, our keyholder services may be of interest to you to allow access to your property in your absence. please see our Caretaking & Keyholding page for details.  

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