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As a property owner in France, there may be times when you are not at the property and jobs need to be done or checks need to be made. Whether you are a 'second home' owner with a private residence, or a property you rent out for gites, we aim to tailor our key holding and caretaking services to your exact needs.


For a nominal fee, we will hold a key for your property for your specified duraction on a contractual basis. In the event that, during your absence, there are any problems with your property, or access is required by utility companies or suchlike, we can meet them at the property as necessary. In addition, if you are away from your property for a long time, we can offer regular security checks to the property and grounds to give you peace of mind.


If yourself- or family and friends- are due to visit the property, we can visit the property to prepare for your arrival. For example- cleaning, changing bed linen, opening the shutters, airing the property, turning on the heating, mowing the lawn and getting the shopping in. We can even have dinner ready for when you arrive! All of this will ensure you can be relaxed from the minute of arrival without those niggling jobs playing on your mind!  


Below is a suggestive, but not exaustive, list of services we offer. Please contact for our fees as this will depend on exactly which services you require.


Keyholding - on a 3, 6 or 12 month contractual basis

Nominal fee for key holding with services charged on an 'on demand' basis as agreed with, and instructed, by the client.


  • Security Checks & Vacant Winter Visits (also including visits following severe weather)

  • Acceptance of Deliveries, Collection & Forwarding of Post

  • Emergency Call Outs, Alarm Response & Emergency Contact (for guests, utilities etc)

  • Meter Readings & Access for Utility Companies, Artisans etc

  • Preparation for arrival of yourself or private guests

  • Interior & Exterior Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Garden Maintenance & Lawn Mowing

  • Preparation of Pools & Pool Areas

  • Pre-arrival Shopping & Catering

  • Property Viewings & Access for Immobiliers (for houses for sale/ to rent etc)

  • Lost key replacement or any other authorised access to the property as required


Please note that as standard we do not offer 'commercial' changeovers within our services (i.e for paying guests to gites or rental properties). However, if a short term arrangement, or as a secondary keyholder or service provider in the absence of your usual provider this is something we are happy to consider.