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Part of owning a property abroad is ensuring it is not only cared for in your absence, but that it is also well maintained, and that any necessary administration and obligations, as the property owner, are taken care of as well.

As part of our services- for our keyholding clients, or as ad-hoc services- we can assist with any aspect to keep your property or administration in good order. As with any property, the upkeep can be an ongoing job. The advantage for our keyholding clients is that when we check the properties, we will also be aware of any maintenance or tasks that need undertaking and can communicate this to you accordingly, or requests can be made for specific tasks and we can arrange suitably for these to be undertaken.

Bespoke Living offers a range of property management services which can include, but are not limited to:

Seasonal Opening and Closing

We can assist with the seasonal opening and closing of properties to best ensure your property stays secure and in good condition during your absences. The winter shut down of properties such as the draining of water systems, monitoring of heating systems and the closure of shutters can help protect the property from the elements. Opening of properties case part of preparing for a stay at the house. If your property is left vacant for any length of time, and especially during the winter months, we would also recommend our Keyholding Services to carry out regular checks on the property.

Interior and Exterior Cleaning

Whether you just want a quick hoover and de-cobwebbing of your property prior to arrival, or a full deep clean, we can offer these services for you. This can include the cleaning of all interior and exterior spaces to a high standard, pressure washing external areas, interior and exterior window cleaning, and laundry services. We also offer one off cleans, deep cleans following the the purchase or sale of properties, and cleaning services undertaken as part of insurance claims. Please note that we only offer our services for private residences, and do not offer any services for commercial holiday lets such as gites. 

Preparing Property for Visits

If you have a stay arranged at your property, we can ensure the property is all ready for your to enjoy your holiday the minute you arrive. No cleaning to do, no beds to be made, and to arrive to a warm property with hot water and shopping done! We can undertake any aspects at your request to get your property ready for your arrival from just opening the shutters to complete preparation of your property with garden furniture out, wine in the fridge and fresh flowers on the table. Please note that we only offer our services for private residences, and do not offer any services for commercial holiday lets such as gites. 

Chimney Sweeping and Obligatory Maintenance

Since the laws changed on 1st October 2023, it is now a nationwide legal obligation for properties with a wood burner or pellet burner to have their chimneys swept on an annual basis. This extends to the requirement for the suitable sweeping and maintenance of any solid fuel or combustion powered heating, cooking or hot water production devices. This also a requirement in the sales process for properties. In both cases, this must be done by a suitably registered artisan who can issue a “chimney sweeping certificate” and failure to undertake the process, or obtain a certificate may invalidate insurance. We can arrange, and attend, these appointments on behalf of property owners.

Obligatory Inspections and Utility Providers

As a property owner, there may be times when obligatory inspections or procedures are required by authorities, or as part of the process of selling or purchasing property. This can include systematic checking or emptying of fosses and septic systems, diagnostic inspections for property sales, or inspections required by other authorities. There may also be times when utility providers need to access a property for meter readings, or to carry out repairs or installation for electric or gas meters, water meters or internet services. We can help arrange, and attend, such appointments on behalf of our clients.

Pest Control

One disadvantage of leaving a property vacant is the opportunity for some form of pests to take up residence. The advantage of regular property checks is to be able to monitor the property for such issues. Left unnoticed or untreated can quickly see a problem escalate that can be detrimental to the property and your belongings. Whether it is cluster flies, rodents, hornets or other insects, we are used to dealing with such invasions and, in the events we cannot deal with these in-house, we use the support of professional artisans to undertake the responsible removal or eradication of such pests. In such cases, we can help arrange, and attend, such appointments on behalf of our clients.

Provision of Fuel or Supplies

Its always useful to know there is adequate fuel for your heating or hot water systems. If you leave them running year round, then its possible that these may need stocking up at times you are absent from the property, to ensure continuity of service. We can arrange the purchase and delivery of fuel, fire wood and suchlike, and to be present at the property to receive the deliveries and to provide access, to ensure you never run short. We can also be at properties to accept other deliveries, such as parcels, or are able to take delivery at our own property by arrangement.

Property Maintenance and Repairs

No one wants to be doing DIY on their holiday! We can also offer property maintenance and repair services. From loose loo seats to replacing broken wood burner glass, window cleaning and jet washing to minor plumbing and electrical issues, or even emergency call outs to make emergency repairs… we’ve got you covered! If you require more extensive works that need a suitable registered artisan for improvements or repairs, or to help you arrange the maintenance of your garden or pool, then we can also help arrange this too. Please note that we no longer offer regular services such as garden or pool maintenance, although we can help source and manage the provision of such services. 

Vehicle Managment

Many second home owners have a car left at their property for use during their stays. We can help manage these vehicles to ensure they stay well maintained and secure in your absence, are taken for the necessary servicing or inspections, and that they are clean and ready to use when you arrive for your stay.

Administration Services

Speaking both English and French, and with a good understanding of the administrative and bureaucratic systems in France, we are able to help support our clients in all aspects of administrative management for their property. This may be simply checking, and forwarding post, or we are able to translate documents to explain important information, help set up utilities, communicate on tax matters, and explain the requirements and obligations for certain procedures. We can even help complete and submit dossiers for planning, businesses creation, CAF, driving licences, visas and other administrative procedures.

Emergency Call Outs and Response

Whether your are already a client or not, our emergency call outs are available for all. It may be that you need someone to urgently provide access to your property, emergency repairs, replacement services in the event of a problem with an existing service provider, or the assistance of a French speaker to help resolve an issue, or arrange something at short notice. We have transparent, flat rates and are available 7/7 to assist by phone, email, SMS or WhatApp.

Gites and Holiday Rental Properties

Whilst we do not offer regular maintenance services for garden or pools, or changeovers to facilitate the rentals, we can ensure the property remains well cared for and compliant, is checked during vacant periods, and if necessary, oversee other service providers. As experienced owners of classified holiday accommodation ourselves, we can assist with the administrative aspects, such as obtaining the necessary authorisations, applying for accreditations, or guest documentation. We can also be on hand year round for emergency call outs, as a point of contact for guests, or in the event of any other issues at the property. If you have a rental property we would also strongly recommend the use of a Keyholder for the management of  at your property at times it may be vacant such as over the winter months.

Garden and Pool Maintenance Services

Please note that we do not offer any form of regular garden maintenance, lawn maintenance, garden clearance or pool maintenance services. However, as part of our Keyholding services we can assist in the sourcing and management of such services by third party providers.

Keyholding Services

We also offer a Fully Registered and Fully Insured Keyholding and Caretaking Service, giving owners peace of mind of regular property checks and access in their absence.

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The services listed here are not exhaustive, and we can assist with any aspect of the practical or administrative management of your property. These services are not restricted to our keyholding clients, and we are happy to take on ad-hoc and one-off works. 

Please note that we only work for Private Residences, and do not undertake any work in relation to commercial rentals such as holiday lets or gites. 

If you would like more information on any services that we offer please do not hesitate to Contact Us to discuss in more detail.

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