Garden Services


We offer a range of Garden services and Garden Maintenance management services for our clients. Whether this is just to help keep on top of your garden in your absence, or a more regular arrangement. Sometimes when you arrive for a visit or just want to enjoy the sun, the last thing you want to do is spend the afternoon mowing the lawn and digging up weeds! This is where we come in…

The team at Bespoke Living know about gardens, having run a successful, RHS Medal Winning Landscaping & Maintenance company in the UK for many years. We have the knowledge, skills and equipment to provide competent garden services, and to assist in the management of your regular garden maintenance provider.

Our Garden services are available on an ad-hoc or one-off basis:

  • Strimming & Garden Clearance
  • Hedge Cutting & Minor Tree Works
  • Weeding, Weed Killing & Mulching
  • Pruning & Cutting Back of Plants, Shrubs and Trees
  • Repair and Maintenance of Garden Buildings & Timber Features
  • Repair, Installation & Maintenance of Fencing
  • Repair, Installation & Maintenance of Patios, Pathways & Terraces
  • Maintenance of Driveways, Entrances & Roadside Verges
  • Pool & Hot Tub Opening, Closing & Maintenance
  • Jetwashing & Leaf Removal

If you are a client that requires Regular Garden Maintenance, be this lawn mowing, strimming, weeding and pruning, we can recommend and manage the appointment of a fully registered gardener be this on an ad-hoc or regular basis. We can assist in the management of this service ensuring work is done to a satisfactory level, and advising of any additional tasks that may need to be undertaken seasonally. As a keyholding client, you pay no additional fee for this service

The advantage for our keyholding clients is that when we check the properties, we will also be aware of any work that needs undertaking in the garden and can communicate this to you or your gardener accordingly. This prevents unnecessary regular visits for garden maintenance, ensures all exterior spaces are well maintained and allows a more efficient and affordable approach rather than arranging fixed duration visits (ie to have the lawn cut every week or fortnight) when they may not be necessary.

Please contact us for details of your requirements and we will provide you with a competitive price accordingly.

For Property Maintenance or larger Landscaping or Building Projects, please see the relevant pages.

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